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"peaceful" 12x12 acrylic, age 5yrs

“peaceful” 12×12 acrylic, age 5yrs

12×12 acrylic

~~Beauty is of course, always in the “eye of the beholder”… and so perhaps many folks may disagree with me when I say~ this painting to me equals unsurpassed beauty!! & I see beauty for many reasons when I view this painting! not only is it pleasant to the eyes, I love the use of color and the way it all blends in… but more so I love knowing that I personally knew the (newly turned @the time) 5 year old who painted this…& so this simple painting to me symbolizes a passion to create, a true sense of inner beauty escaping outward, innocent eyes appreciating all that is lovely in our world and wanting to make it last forever, – and then there’s that undeniably as yet- unrecognized talent that this mere child obviously possesses…. I would love to hear feedback/comments on this beautiful work of art that was MadeByCade ❤

~cat xoxoxo