and it WORKED. One might argue that it was my ASSERTIVENESS that actually worked in the situation below… but- nah. The F-bomb. boom.

and it is all because I was just SO tired!!

Tired of cleaning up my yard on a Weds am, only to have neighbors yard crew come thru on Thurs and blow ALL the leaves from neighbors shrubs, onto my side! I actually don’t have any shrubs etc that lose their leaves. I do have 2 medium sized trees- but they haven’t started to drop any leaves so far this season. *and when they do, I am out there raking them up and tossing into the debri bin for garbage day pick up. Also- the wind never blows from neighbors yard to mine-  no Mother Nature blasts huge gusts from my side to theirs- which is why I always try to do my best to p/u fallen leaves. I want to be a good neighbor… and I’d like to be treated the same.

This AM~ I’m watching thru window as their Yard Crew dude blows all the leaves over to my side- then I walk next door to knock on the neighbors door- taking note that their yard and shrub bed area which is slightly sloping UP towards my property, well the shrub area/beds are just terrific looking— READ: NO LEAVES!

So here I am knocking.

No answer. 2 cars in drive. They are home- 20somethings. The Mother is at work.  Did I expect they would answer the door? Giving them benefit of the doubt- Can they hear the knock over the blower?

So I just stand there watching the blower dude, now happily blowing leaves into the street.

* Did I mention that blowers are rather pointless. and noisy. and smelly. and polluting the environment.  ?

ok, so now I have just blasted out the dude with the said blower, working next door. and it felt GOOD!

*for the record-I tried more passive-peaceful & positive- approaches- from *sighing* and shrugging and just picking the leaves up & tossing in my debri bin- which wouldn’t be such a horrible thing if it WAS Mother Nature doing the BLOWING! But seeing LAZY yard crew- guy armed with blower- purposefully just blowing them thru the shrub area onto my side- WELL at some point it finally *dawned* on me THAT I WAS DOING ALL THE YARD GUYS WORK! and whereas he was getting paid to blow, I was not getting a cent to pick up- and uh not real difficult to see who is getting short end of the stick right?

Awhile back, I tried to nicely speak with the yard guy. He pretended not to speak English. When the Boss was over one day- after ascertaining that he did in fact speak English, I spoke to him in what I felt was a very nice manner, I was my typical smiley, happy self, and he said he would make sure his guys were not blowing over to my side… I saw an improvement- but maybe because there were just no more leaves to blow around? (I’d already picked most of the neighbors leaves up myself, right? sheesh!)

&  finally -more recently- I have spoken to the neighbors and asked them-once again, to please talk with their yard workers. They said they would.  3wks later and it still continues. So this AM- I’d had enough!

*so YES, after watching my picked up yard- get all the neighbors leaves blown over, I went over.

**per a Man’s advice (“if you really want them to listen and know you are serious”) I proceeded to use the F*** word a lot! as in the “F’in leaves” and so on. (if you knew me- you’d know I smile a lot… well- that’s not real commanding or the least bit threatening! so I didn’t smile either!) and  yes-SO the F-bomb—> it worked! The guy listened. *I also wore sunglasses so he couldn’t see my eyes!!

*ok I did fib and say that I’ve spoken to neighbors (technically that IS true) and they are tired of the laziness also, and if this Yard Crew wants to continue with them as clients, then they need to discontinue blowing all the leaves (F’in leaves) onto my property. (that was all pretty much BS) and I went on to reiterate they mentioned they would find a new crew (they are a dime/dozen here)- and i threw in the Fword a few more times for good measure…(if the neighbors were responsible folks and good neighbors- surely all of that is what they Would Have Said?) *The guy stated his understanding- and quickly removed the leaves! he BLEW them back to neighbors side! THEN: got out a Rake! yes! The yard guy RAKED the leaves up to dispose of them…but wait for it! ===he poured them into the street!  *sigh*

!!!so yah.

I was just thrilled though that he did remove the leaves from my side.

I will leave the street to someone else. for now.


maybe just maybe- I will start cussin’ more often! ;)~ JUST JOKING but still…it proved to be very effective!!! **hopefully I won’t have to give a repeat performance next Thurs?